Notes on the upcoming storm

With the large snow accumulations over the last two months, and very little thawing taking place, the existing snowbanks leave us with limited space for new snow accumulations to be plowed. Please take note that with the high snow totals which are being forecast for the upcoming storm tomorrow and tomorrow night, driveways may lose some area due to lack of snow-stacking space. We will do our best to keep the entire driveway area clear, but losing some space, due to snow totals as they are being predicted, is an inevitability. Keep in mind that warmer weather (and spring!) are on the horizon, and thawing will be taking place in the very near future.

High accumulations of wet and heavy snow, along with increased travel time due to traffic and road conditions, will inevitably cause longer times for route completion. Your patience is appreciated.

We will do our best to answer calls during the storm, but it is not always possible to answer all calls immediately. Please utilize email or the contact page on the website if needing to contact us. We will not be doing any on-call plowing for non-customers during the storm itself… please do not even bother to call for on-call service during the storm. We may be available for on-call plowing after the storm has passed.

As always, we appreciate your patience, understanding, and loyalty. Thank you.